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Training and Development

Soldiers in a field

ACQ 4110: Leading Strategically: to Compete and Win the Long Game

Description: Playing the long game means taking steps now to set up long-term success. It means not sacrificing long-term gains for short-term wins. All of us in Defense Acquisition must play a long game to contribute to the strategic competition with China and other adversaries. This course builds the skills to lead strategically, providing what individuals need to know to adapt to disruption, lead change, and prepare for the future. You will focus on a workplace challenge in your organization.


China: Our Pacing Challenge:

By: David Riel, DAU Professor of Acquisition Management, July 18, 2022

Description: This 30-minute learning module provides you with an overview of the challenges that we face from China and some actions that you can take to mitigate it. The module includes: 1. Recognizing China as the Pacing Challenge, 2. The Need for Speed, 3. Faster is Only Better if it’s Secure, 4. A Call to Action. 


Micro Learning Asset: Supply Chain Risk Management Fundamentals: 

By: Steven Karl, DAU Professor of Logistics Management, March 24, 2023

Description: This micromodule provides fundamentals for company-based supply chain risk management including the new DoD taxonomy.