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Defense Acquisition Credentials

Credential Requirements

Who can earn a credential?

Anyone who has access to the DAU Virtual Campus can earn a credential. Some credentials may be restricted to Defense acquisition workforce members or DoD employees due to licensing or third-party content. Additionally, some credentials require the completion of a DAU instructor-led (Classroom (CLRM)/Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)) course. Priority for attending these courses is reserved for defense acquisition workforce members.

Are there prerequisites for a credential? 

There are no prerequisite requirements to enroll in a Defense acquisition credential. However, if the credential requires the completion of a DAU instructor-led (Classroom (CLRM)/Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)) course with a prerequisite requirement, the prerequisite must be completed prior to enrollment in the instructor-led (Classroom (CLRM)/Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)) course.

Can I use a DAU predecessor course to a credential requirement?

Predecessor courses may NOT be used to meet a Defense acquisition credential requirement.

Can I be granted credit for a third-party course, such as Coursera, I have completed outside of DAU?

If you previously completed a third-party course that is required for a credential elsewhere, you can be given credit for the completion. You must send a copy of the certificate of completion or other approved documentation from the third-party to the DAU Help Desk using the Public Service Portal for review. The course must have been completed within the past twelve months of your request. Upon approval, you will be given credit for the completion in the DAU Virtual Campus.

How long do I have to complete a Defense acquisition credential?

Most Defense credentials grant one year to complete the requirements. If after one year, you have not completed the requirements, you will be dis-enrolled. You can re-enroll in the credential at any time and will get credit for courses previously completed as long as those courses are still part of the Defense credential requirement.