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DAWIA Career Field Certifications

What is DAWIA?

The Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act was passed into law by Congress in November of 1990. The Act requires the Secretary of Defense, acting through the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L) to have established education and training standards, requirements, and courses for the civilian and military acquisition workforce.

The DAU courses required to meet education and training standards are commonly referred to as being "DAWIA curricula". Similarly, the Acquisition Career Field Certifications that are awarded upon meeting such stands is often referred to as "DAWIA Certification."

How do I determine the DAWIA Certification requirements?

You may determine the certification requirements for each functional area by accessing the Certification & Development Guides available within the DAU iCatalog.

How do I receive my certification once I've completed the requirements outlined for my career field?

Certifying is the responsibility of each service and DoD Agency to administer. Each service as well as the other DoD Agencies have web-based systems to facilitate certificate. To learn more, contact your Acquisition Training Office.

I work for a non-DoD federal agency. Can I be certified by completing the DAWIA curricula?

No – DAWIA certifications are only available to DoD employees, military and (APF) civilians assigned to an acquisition coded position as well as select military officers whose career development will include assignment to acquisition coded positions. However, there are Federal Acquisition Certifications available through the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI). Please visit their website for related information.

I am a DoD contractor. Can I be certified by completing the DAWIA curricula?

No – As DAWIA only applies to the DoD AT&L workforce, DAU is not aware of any source to certify contractors or other personnel employed by private sector firms. We recommend that contractors put a package together with all the pertinent information related to completed training and to use this package to demonstrate that qualification criteria have been met. In the event that you obtain a federal position, training completed as a contractor may then be turned in to receive credit towards DAWIA certification.

Where can I find additional information regarding DAWIA Certification requirements?

The Certification & Development Guides available within the DAU iCatalog contains information regarding certification requirements and facts, position category descriptions, key leadership positions, and functional area changes.