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Login Assistance / Account Support

DoD CAC Login Assistance

Q: I have a DOD CAC. Does that automatically grant me access to login to DAU or do I still need to request an account? 

A: Please see the information below.

  • If you are a new Defense Acquisition Workforce member or if you are a new federal employee for DoDEA, DMA, or DTRA, an account will be created for you automatically.
  • All other DoD CAC holders must request an account by submitting the SAAR in order to login to DAU. NOTE: If you attempt to login with your CAC before an account has been created, you will receive a CAC login error. 

Q: I'm receiving an error message when trying to login with my DoD CAC. Why is this occurring?

A: Multiple factors can impact your ability to login to DAU with your DoD CAC. If you receive one of the errors below, please follow the troubleshooting guidance to address this issue. Note: The immediate workaround to access your account is to login with your Username and Password.

Image of CAC Certificate Error

Troubleshooting Guidance:

  • a) Try a different browser   
  • b) Clear your browser Cache & SSL State (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • c) Select a different CAC certificate  
  • d) Disconnect from the VPN and try again (if permitted)  
  • e) Contact your Local IT Support

NOTE: Your organization may be using a web proxy that is preventing the client certificate prompt. Please submit a ticket to your IT support to have them add an SSL bypass in their web proxies for the URLs below.


Your organization's IT support can submit a ticket to our DAU IT Systems Support team for further testing.