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Foreign National Account Creation

DSCU Local National "SCO-299 - SCO Spouse Course"

Foreign National Spouses who need to obtain an EIN must send an email to the Industry Registrar to initiate their request.  Please send the information below.

  1. Your Full Name (Last Name / First Name):
  2. Your Personal Email Address:
  3. Your Country of Citizenship:
  4. Your Current Country of Residence:
  5. Your Spouse's Employer:
  6. Your Spouse's Supervisor's Name:
  7. Your Spouse's Supervisor's Email Address:
  8. Justification for taking training at DAU: My spouse is an employee of the "Defense Security Cooperation University" (DSCU). I am required to complete the DSCU Spouse course, SCO 299. I need to obtain an account through DAU in order to complete the required training.

If you have any questions, please contact the Industry Registrar.