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Eligibility and Course Registration

Enrollment Procedures

How do I obtain a DAU account to register for courses as a new student?

  • New Student Job-Aid
  • All Students associated with DoD, Non-DoD, and *Industry need to submit the DAU SAAR to establish an account.  Afterward, a DAUID is created for you and an email will be sent to activate your account to enroll in training.
  • Additional guidance for Industry Students: 
    • Please be advised you may be required to submit two separate DAU SAARs to register for DAU training depending on the courses you need to take.
    • In addition to requesting access to the Virtual Campus for Online Training, a request will also need to be submitted for access to the Industry TAS to register for "some" DAU Classroom / VILT courses.
    • Industry students with questions regarding this process may contact the Industry Registrar for further assistance.
    • Foreign National Industry Students must follow the guidance on the Foreign National Account Creation page to obtain a DAU account.

I am a current/returning student and would like guidance on how to register for a course on the DAU Virtual Campus.

Follow the guidance below to register for an Online Training Course:

  1. Login to the Virtual Campus
  2. Mouse over the Learning menu at the top and select Learning Search.
  3. You may use the Filters on the left to search for a course.  
    NOTE: You may also type the name of the course in the Search for Learning box.
  4. After locating your course, select the course title. 
  5. On the next page, Request.  
    NOTE: If you have previously completed the course, a message will be displayed to remind you that you've already completed the training. You can select the "Request" button if you would like to complete the training again.
  6. Thereafter, you will be directed to your Active Transcript where you can start the course.