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Defense Acquisition Credentials

Equivalency Credit

Can I use the DAU Equivalency Program to complete a credential requirement?

YES, for DoD or Federal Agency students: Follow your component guidance to have approved equivalencies entered into your DAU training records.

NO, for Industry, and Contractor students: Submit a request through the DAU Service Now portal using the guidance below.

  1. Login to the DAU Service Now portal.
  2. Select Submit a Request from the menu options at the top.
  3. Select Student Services from the list on the left.
  4. Select Submit a Ticket for Records and Registration.
  5. Category: Select Equivalency/Fulfillment.
  6. Subcategory: Select Course Equivalency Request in Credential.
  7. Course/Academic Program: Select the specific course from the list.
  8. Short Description: Equivalency request for Credential.
  9. Description: Provide a rationale for why you need the equivalency added, including the Credential name.
  10. Select Add attachments from the bottom right.
  11. Attach a copy of your completion certificate from the vendor.
  12. Select the Submit button.
  13. Your ticket number will be displayed, and you will also be sent an email with the information. Someone from the Help Desk will follow up with you once your ticket has been processed.

Can I use the DAU Fulfillment Program to complete a credential requirement?

YES, for all Army, Navy, and 4th Estate and Federal Agency students.  Follow your component guidance for having approved fulfillments entered into your DAU training records.

NO, for all Air Force, Industry, and Contractor students.