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Transcripts and Certificates

Equivalent & Fulfillment Completions on the Virtual Campus

My DAU Transcript reflects I've been awarded Equivalency/Fulfillment credit, but it is not displaying on my account in the Virtual Campus.

Once an Equivalency/Fulfillment has been posted on the DAU Transcript, it can take 7 to 10 day to be reflected on your account in the Virtual Campus. If the credit has not posted after that time, please submit a ticket to the DAU Help Desk so your account can be reviewed by the appropriate POC.

Why does my course completion display a status of "Exempt" within the Virtual Campus?

If you've been awarded Equivalency or Fulfillment credit for a course, the status will reflect "Exempt" because the course was not completed through DAU.

Within the Virtual Campus I see my completion for a course I have been awarded Equivalent or Fulfillment credit through DAU, but I do not have access to view my certificate.

There will not be an option to view or print certificates for courses you've been awarded Equivalency/Fulfillment credit within the Virtual Campus. If you need to obtain a record of these completions, they will be posted on your DAU Transcript.  

NOTE: Equivalency/Fulfillment credits awarded by FAI will not be posted on your DAU Transcript.