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Certification Programs

Equivalent & Fulfillment Credit

Can I receive DAU credit for courses completed at other Institutions/Universities?

Yes – The certification programs supported by DAU are unique to the DoD and based on both the student meeting training standards and educational and experience standards. To support the transfer of students between programs or acquisition career fields as well as students who have engaged in educational/training courses from other institutions or organizations, DAU's policy dictates that DAU course credit earned is applicable to any certification program that requires the same course and to accept DAU course credit earned without any further student assessment. This may be accomplished through any of the two following options:

Equivalency Program: 
Several training providers offer courses deemed equivalent to DAU curriculum courses, and these courses can be used to meet certification requirements. Additional information is available in the DAU iCatalog.

Fulfillment Program: 
Through an assessment of the student's past training and experience (regardless of the course), DoD components may approve a fulfillment request from the student. Such approval certifies that the student possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities that would otherwise have been gained by attending the DAU course. Additional information is available in the DAU iCatalog.

Since the authority to validate a Defense Acquisition workforce member's training has been delegated to the DoD agencies and components, you may consult your Acquisition Training Office (ATO) for further assistance with the assessment and transfer process.

Does the DAU Equivalency/Fulfillment Program apply to everyone?

No – These programs are specifically designed to aid in satisfying DAWIA certification requirements. As DAWIA only applies to DoD Acquisition personnel, DAU is unable to extend equivalency/fulfillment options to contractors and non-DoD federal personnel.

Will my DAU account display a record of me obtaining Equivalency/Fulfillment credit after it's been validated by my Acquisition Training Office (ATO)?

Yes - The completions will be displayed on your DAU Transcript and within the Virtual Campus.

DAU Transcript:

  • Section III of your DAU Transcript will display courses that have been awarded Equivalency credit.
  • Section IV of your DAU Transcript will display courses that have been awarded Fulfillment credit.
  • You can access your DAU Transcript at this location.

Virtual Campus: View additional guidance about Equivalent/Fulfillment completions on your student account at this location.