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Defense Acquisition Credentials

Expirations and Other Certifications

Do credentials expire?

Yes. All credentials will have an expiration date and will require renewal to ensure currency. Most credentials will expire between three to five years after completion has been awarded. The expiration date will be listed in the iCatalog. Email notification will be sent to your email on file 45 days before your credential expires and a second email on the expiration date. You will have six (6) months to meet the renewal requirement. If the renewal requirement is not met, you will no longer be current with the credential. 

Will credentials affect my current DAWIA certification?

No. For the Defense acquisition workforce, credentials can be earned as part of your 80 Continuous Learning Point (CLP) requirement; however, they do not affect any Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certifications you have earned.  

Does the DoD recognize equivalent credentials in lieu of the Defense acquisition credential?

No. DoD does not recognize any other credentials as equivalent to a Defense acquisition credential.   

Will more credentials be added?

Yes. Based upon requirements established by the Functional Area Leaders (FALs), DAU will continue to add new Defense acquisition credentials in support of the Defense Acquisition Workforce.