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Login Assistance / Account Support

Multifactor Setup & Support

Q: Do I need to set up a multifactor on my account?

A: If you are logging into your account with a Username & Password, you must setup at least 1 multifactor in order to access your account. If you login with a DoD CAC, you will not be prompted for a multifactor to access your account.

Q: Are there job-aids to explain how to setup the multifactors when activating your account?

A: Yes there are job-aids available for each of the multifactors. Please select the applicable option below.

Q: I have to login with my Username and Password and I only associated one multifactor with my account. I no longer have access to use that multifactor. What do I need to do to gain access to my account?

A: You will need to contact the DAU Help Desk if you only have one multifactor associated with your account and you can no longer use it. The Help Desk will need to manually remove the multifactor so you can be prompted to go through the setup process when you login again.