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Certification Programs

Requirements Management Career Path

Where do I apply for the Requirements Management Career Path certificate after completing the requirements? 

DAU does not issue a certificate for the Requirements Management career path. Once you've met the Requirements for Level A, B, C, or D, the training certificate you receive for completing the course(s) will be a representation of the Requirements Management Career Path. Specific information about this career path is available in the DAU iCatalog. If you have additional questions, please contact the appropriate POC below for further assistance.

U.S. Space Force:  
Mr. Frank Q. Williams  
[email protected]

Air Force:  
Mr. Jack Lyon  
[email protected]

Mr. Bryce-Andre Norris  
[email protected]

Marine Corps:  
Mr. John Orille
[email protected]

CDR Paul Damore  
[email protected]

DoD 4th Estate (OSD):   
Ms. Lori Frumkin  
[email protected]