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Security Method Setup & Support

Q: Do I need to set up security methods on my account?

A: The set up of additional security methods, while not required, is recommended. When logging into your account, a verification code will automatically be sent to your email. If you login with a DoD CAC, you will not be prompted for a verification code to access your account.

Q: Are there job-aids to explain how to setup additional security methods when activating your account?

A: Yes there is a job-aid available to summarize set up for each of the security methods. 

Q: I have to login with my Username and Password and I only associated one security method with my account. I no longer have access to use that security method. What do I need to do to gain access to my account?

A: You will be able to send yourself a verification code via email to log into your account. If you have changed organizations and no longer have access to the email associated with your account, you will need to contact the DAU Help Desk to have your email updated.

Q: I do not have access to my email right now, how can I use another security method to login?

A: When prompted to send a verification code to your email, click "Verify with something else" at the bottom of the prompt. If you have set up additional security methods, you can select one from the list to use to log in to your account.