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Student Profile Guidance

Update FAI Virtual Campus Profile

Please follow the guidance below to update your profile in the FAI CSOD.

  1. Log into FAI CSOD.
  2. After logging in you will be directed to the FAI CSOD Homepage.
  3. There will be a section in the middle towards the right that says QUICK LINKS.
  4. Select the option that says UPDATE YOUR USER RECORD.
  5. NOTE: The fields that are required are marked with an asterisk.
  6. If you need to modify your organization, locate that section on the page and select the "X", and then click the pop-out icon.
  7. Click on the plus symbol next to DAU Registrar.
  8. Click on the plus symbol next to Federal Organizations.
  9. Locate your organization from the list.
  10. ALERT: If there is a plus symbol, you must use it to continue drilling down your selection.
  11. Once you're located your specific coded organization, select the title.
  12. Note: If you need to update your Supervisor/Manager's information, continue to Step 14 below.
  13. If you are finished making updates, click the Submit button.
  14. Scroll all the way to the bottom to the Manager field.
  15. Click the pop out box next to your current supervisor/manager's name.
  16. A new window will open. Type your supervisor/manager’s name into the Search for people box.
  17. Click the search icon or hit enter on your keyboard. *Note: All Users with that name will appear. CSOD only provides you with a few details to differentiate these Users. If you know your manager/supervisor's manager, that can help you distinguish between Users.
  18. Click the User's name to add them as your supervisor/manager. You will be returned to the User Record page.
  19. This will show the DAU ID of the individual you selected. Contact your manager to confirm you have selected the correct User.
  20. Click Submit. You will be returned to the Global Search page when the changes have been submitted successfully.

IMPORTANT: When making profile changes in the Virtual Campus, it can take UP TO 2 HOURS for the changes to take effect in the system. If you log out of your account and log back in before the 2 hour timeframe has passed, the profile updates you made will revert back to the old data and you will need to complete the process again. If you must make changes to your profile in the Virtual Campus, we recommend you make the changes prior to logging out of your account for the day.


Manager Creates a Circular Reference Error

This error will populate for one of the following reasons below:

  1. User A is User C's manager & User C updated her profile to reflect this. User A couldn't locate her manager in FAI CSOD, so she tried to update her manager to reflect User C as her manager and that creates a "circle" of hierarchy which is not allowed.
  2. Michelle (User A), Peter (User B) and Teresa (User C)

    User A assigns User B & User C assigns User A as their manager in FAI CSOD. User B tries to assign User C as their manager. This creates a circular reference error also since User C is the subordinate of User A and User A is the subordinate of User B.

    circular reference error example