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DoD Mentor Protege Program


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DoD Mentor Protege Program


Alternate Definition

The purpose of the Program is to—

  1. Provide incentives to major DoD contractors, performing under at least one active approved subcontracting plan negotiated with DoD or another Federal agency, to assist protege firms in enhancing their capabilities to satisfy DoD and other contract and subcontract requirements;
  2. Increase the overall participation of protege firms as subcontractors and suppliers under DoD contracts, other Federal agency contracts, and commercial contracts; and
  3. Foster the establishment of long-term business relationships between protege firms and such contractors.
General Information

DoD’s Mentor-Protege Program (MPP) is the oldest continuously operating federal mentor-protege program in existence. Originally established in November 1990, the MPP helps eligible small businesses expand their foot printing the defense industrial base by partnering as proteges with large business firms as their mentors. Under the program, eligible companies approved as mentor firms will enter into mentor-protege agreements with eligible protege firms to provide appropriate developmental assistance to enhance the capabilities of the protege firms to perform as subcontractors and suppliers.


It is important to understand that DoD’s Pilot Mentor Protege Program should not be confused with the All Small Business Mentor Protege Program administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Effective August 24, 2016, SBA implemented the “All Small” MPP for all small businesses which is separate and independent of the DoD MPP. For additional information on the All Small Business Mentor Protege Program visit the SBA website.


DoD’s MPP is administered by the DoD Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), but executed through participating DoD components. Participating components award contracts to mentor firms to provide for either credit or reimbursement assistance.


Each year OSBP honors the participation of its mentor and protege firms through the Nunn-Perry MPP Awards.