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DoD PSFD MOU Overview & Models (Sep 22)


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DAU Defense Systems Management College - International Center (DSMC-I) presentation on DoD Production, Sustainment & Follow-On Development (PSFD) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) structure, characteristics, models, and benefits. PSFD (and SFD) MOUs are established with allied and friendly nations to provide a legal mechanism for cooperative investment in -- and collective procurement of -- a weapon system’s defense articles & services to increase coalition capability, interoperability & affordability. Title 22 USC 2767 provides the legal basis for DoD PSFD and SFD MOUs. PSFD & SFD MOUs enable DoD and allied/friendly nations to achieve the following mutual defense objectives: - Operational (coalition warfare capability & interoperability) - Economic (optimize program affordability throughout system lifecycle) - Technical (share leading edge technology to address future threats) - Industrial (increase collective industrial base capability/capacity) - Political-Military (broaden & deepen nat’l security & defense relationships)

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DoD PSFD MOU Overview & Models (Sep 22)
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