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Guidebook - USAF, Vol 5, Req for MTA, v4.3


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  4. Guidebook - USAF, Vol 5, Req for MTA, v4.3

Currency Review: 23 Aug 2022. Archived. This guidebook describes the specific requirements actions that support Middle-Tier of Acquisition efforts. This Guidebook is one in a series of AF/A5R developed guides describing the Air Force process for validation of operational capability requirements in support of overarching Capability Development efforts. Per AF/A5R direction and authority under HAF Mission Directive 1-7, to the maximum extent practical, AF Sponsors are expected to follow the guidance described in the A5R Guidebooks, or coordinate with AF/A5RP for tailoring. Dated 24 Jun 2020.

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Guidebook - USAF, Vol 5, Req for MTA, v4.3
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