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How Global Partnerships Are Making a Difference in Supporting Warfighters

@ 12:30
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    Join the conversation focused on how the Services get the best tech - from wherever it exists on the globe. Explore how the U.S. can transition tech to allies and partners, and build partner capacity. The panel will look at the challenges, and imperatives, to building a resilient innovation pipeline - and the DOD’s vision of creating an innovation network to go after problem sets together. Hear about specific examples. 

    George Vukotich

    George Vukotich

    Moderator, Visiting Faculty Member, DAU

    George Vukotich, Ph.D. is a visiting faculty member at DAU focusing on innovation and approaches organizations can take to be more successful. In addition to his work at the Defense Acquisition University, he helps organizations and universities set up tech and innovation hubs. His prior experience includes helping the City of Chicago build 1871 which has become ranked as the #1 tech hub in the world and the University of Wisconsin add a Smart Cities and Innovation hub. He is a startup advisor and angel investor. His educational work includes being a faculty member, department chair, and dean of a college of business. He has spent time in Corporate America with organizations such as Accenture and IBM with a focus on creating the future and what it takes for organizations to get there. He is an author and has served in the U.S. military. 

    Bryan WIlson

    Bryan Wilson

    Director of Global Partnerships and Combatant Command Engagements, Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

    Bryan is the Director of Global Partnerships and Combatant Command Engagements for DIU. He is based in Colorado Springs, home of the U.S. Space Command, U.S. Northern Command, and a thriving tech community. 

    Prior to joining DIU he served as Chief Operating Officer at Specialized Medical Standards, a non-profit organization which adapts best practices from military special operations medicine for civilian paramedic use. 

    Bryan is a retired Marine Corps officer. He deployed operationally several times, including two combat tours of duty in Iraq and as Intelligence Officer for the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He also served as Intelligence Plans and Exercises Branch Chief at the U.S. European Command. 

    He served in the Defense Attaché Service twice, where he built and maintained defense relationships with the host nation, allies, and partners.  His first assignment was to the U.S. Embassy in Liberia, where he coordinated military support during a major regional Ebola outbreak. His second Attaché assignment was in Senegal, a regional post where he also conducted defense diplomacy in The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, and Cabo Verde. 

    Bryan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The Citadel. A Middle East / North Africa Foreign Area Officer, he completed a master’s degree in National Security Studies at the Naval Post-Graduate School. He speaks both Arabic and French. 

    Andrew Adamczyk

    Colonel Andrew Adamczyk

    Senior Officer in Charge, Principal advisor to the Commander, United States Army Garrison Poland

    As the Powidz Military Community’s Senior Officer in Charge, Colonel Adamczyk is the principal advisor to the Commander, United States Army Garrison Poland and responsible for all installation support activities in Powidz and Torun. He synchronizes services and capabilities in accordance with Headquarters Department of the Army directed programs, Senior Commander guidance, and Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Common Levels of Support (CLS). He is accountable for mission accomplishment, readiness, resiliency and discipline of all Garrison Support Element Soldiers, Civilians and Contractors. He approves and issues Garrison specific policies for Soldiers in accordance with respective Army regulations, or installation level policies involving tenant units. He represents the Army and the Powidz Military Community supporting local community engagement activities.

    Curry Wright

    DoD Innovation Community (DoDx) Liaison, Science & Technology Advisor, Innovative Capabilities Lead, Security Assistance Group – Ukraine (SAG-U)
    NIck Iorio

    Nick Lorio

    Senior Specialist - Contractor, Office of the Secretary of Defense-Policy, Indo-Pacific Security Affairs

    Nick works for Forge Group LLC providing security cooperation and international partnership support to OSD Policy Indo-Pacific Security Affairs (IPSA).  Over fifteen years of contracting, he has conducted Allies & partners (A&P) concept and capability analysis for OSD Policy Global Partnerships, worked on maritime domain awareness partnerships for OPNAV N3N5, and supported concept and capability wargaming for the USMC. 

    Prior to becoming a DoD contractor, Nick supported Asia-Pacific political risk research for the U.K. advisory firm AKE Group; conducted marketing research for the Chinese global supply chain manager Global Sources; advised U.S. entertainment start-ups on managing business relationships with Chinese partners; and supported U.S. Army War College research efforts focused on Central American and Southeast Asian transnational criminal organizations.

    Nick is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.  He graduated from Dickinson College in 2009 with a BA in International Studies.  He studied Chinese and international business at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Beijing University, and Shanghai in 2006, 2007 – 2008, and 2009. He graduated with his MA, Global Security Studies, from Johns Hopkins University in 2012.  Nick’s MA thesis focused on Chinese economic, diplomatic, and military debates from 1978 – 2010. 

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