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Acquisition Intelligence is the application of intelligence about adversary threats, and the planning for intelligence dependencies in acquisition i.e., threat and intelligence supportability.

The Department’s acquisition intelligence related policy contained within DoDI 5000.86, “Acquisition Intelligence,” is designed to improve overall awareness of acquisition intelligence related tools, methodologies, and best business practices from across the Department to enable the efficient and effective integration of intelligence (threat & intelligence supportability) into the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) to inform and influence decisions.

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CACQ 010, Foundational Acquisition Intelligence Credential, deployed to the Defense Acquisition Workforce on July 28, 2022. This credential is designed primarily for defense intelligence personnel…
CACQ 005, Foundational Earned Value Management (EVM) Credential is Now Deployed!
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DAU has released a new online continuous learning module (CLM 002) on Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation. This timely, first-ever DoD online learning asset on the complex topic of IP valuation is…
Changes to Earned Value Management (EVM) Reporting Announced
The OSD Office of Acquisition Analytics & Policy (AAP) issued a policy memo, 22 Apr 2020, to announce release Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Report (IPMDAR) Data Item Description…
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