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Innovate to Win

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Your Innovation Skills are Vital to National Security

In this decisive period of swift technological changes and competition with our near-peer adversaries, the ability to innovate has never been more vital to national security. When building advantages across the Department of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks said it “begins by building the workforce that we need, investing in our most critical asset, our people.” To build an innovative workforce, we first need to understand the innovation readiness of our people, develop a common language and build a way to measure and strengthen innovation skills.

Improving Innovation Readiness

DAU is leading the effort to help the Department measure the innovation readiness of the Defense Acquisition Workforce and provide training and resources to develop and improve their readiness skills. The first step on your innovation journey is the Innovation Readiness Self-Assessment where you can quickly determine your current skill level and get personalized recommendations for improving your innovation readiness level.

Innovation in Action


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