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Innovate to Win: Explore

Reaching out for Innovation


Developing and applying an Innovation Skills Competency Model to baseline innovation readiness will enable the Defense Acquisition Workforce, and more broadly the Department to measure, manage, and scale the innovation readiness of our people.  A competencies & skills model and embedded innovation readiness metric will enable the workforce to use the same language, collaborate and scale innovation by better allocating resources to address unmet innovation skills needs.

Scaling innovation together

Scaling innovation across the Department of Defense is a broad and complex effort. Success depends on supporting the workforce in three key areas.

  • Knowledge and Skills. Innovators need to learn how to be more innovative.
  • Motivation. Innovators need the psychological safety and leadership support to act on their desire to expand and practice their innovative skills.
  • Organizational Infrastructure. Innovators need tools, opportunities, time, funding, and infrastructure to scale innovation.

DAU’s Innovation Competencies and Skills Model and the Innovation Readiness Metric help address the knowledge, skills, metrics, and culture of innovation. The model includes an innovation readiness self-assessment for each workforce member based on their individual responses to 48 statements which are aligned to the three domains of thinking, collaborating, and cultivating. Once complete, articles, videos, and other resources are recommended to strengthen individual innovation skills. 

Through seven highly flexible plays geared toward leadership, the Innovate to Win Playbook enables Team Leads to make data-informed decisions to bridge innovation skills gaps. In addition, the Playbook provides resources, case studies, and a variety of tools to support a culture that encourages, nourishes, and sustains innovation. 

Team Leads can also use the Innovation Readiness Dashboard to review and report the aggregate innovation readiness of the team based on the individual self-assessments of each team member. The Innovation Readiness Dashboard provides an overall Innovation Readiness Score for the organization, based on its employees’ self-assessment responses. The Dashboard allows reviewing competency data in various views, such as by organization and business unit. 

Motivate your team and foster innovation with DAU: 

  1. Have your team complete the Innovate to Win Self-Assessment. 
  2. Assess your team's innovation readiness via the Innovation Readiness Dashboard. 
  3. Apply relevant plays from the Innovate to Win Playbook and iterate to progress toward innovation goals.
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