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Innovate to Win: FAQ

Reaching out for Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Innovation Competency Model Effort about?

    In this decisive decade of great power competition as described by the National Defense Strategy, the DoD’s inability to answer the question, “What is the innovation readiness of our people” is a well-documented pain point. Our inability to answer this question points to the lack of Department-wide common language and metric on innovation. Developing and applying an Innovation Skills Competency Model to baseline innovation readiness will enable the numerous DoD innovation cells and the Department to measure, manage, and scale people innovation readiness.  A competency model and embedded innovation readiness metric will enable the DoD innovation cells to talk the same language, collaborate, and engage to scale innovation by better allocating resources to address unmet innovation skills needs across Department.
  2. How were the necessary competencies determined? 

    Competencies were determined based on research, leveraging best practices from industry and academia, and adapting findings into the DoD context with the input and insights from an expert advisory team with representatives from all the Services, industry and academia.
  3. What are examples of innovation competency skills? 

    Innovation competency skills include broad domains such as thinking, collaborating and leading innovatively. Under each domain we group innovation competency skills including developing a growth mindset, questioning, connecting the dots, storytelling, networking, experimenting, and leading, among others.
  4. How can I participate in future innovation efforts?

    Please send an email with your name, preferred email address and Service/agency to [email protected].
  5. Will I get Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) from the learning I complete? 

    Yes, completing any learning asset in your pathway will earn you CLPs.
  6. Do I need approval from my command or supervisor to participate? 

    While you do need to inform your supervisor, approval is not necessary to conduct the self-assessment or explore and leverage the available learning resources.