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Innovate to Win: Perform

Reaching out for Innovation


Leaders do not have to try and figure this out on their own. The Innovate to Win Playbook is designed to help leaders and supervisors cultivate a culture of innovation and motivate people to innovate. 

The playbook was built upon a foundation of extensive research, industry best practices, and various DoD innovation cells practices. Leaders can use it to identify and implement activities that result in mission focused teams being more creative and innovative. 

The Playbook was designed with you, the user, in mind, and is actionable, accessible, and user centered. The seven plays are:

  1. Define a compelling vision and goals 
  2. Provide Top Cover 
  3. Collaborate and Communicate 
  4. Embrace Risk 
  5. Foster Curiosity 
  6. Cultivate a Learning Culture 
  7. Recognize and Reward Innovators 

Each play includes four elements:

  1. What the play is about why it is useful
  2. How to use the play
  3. How to measure the play’s success
  4. Relevant resources

We invite you to engage critically with the ideas and plays put forward in this Playbook and adapt them to your own context. Conduct a collaborative workshop and explore the Playbook with your team. Discuss your challenges and come together to find solutions. 

Need help conducting a workshop? Contact DAU [email protected]