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Innovate to Win: Self Assess


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Reaching out for Innovation

Self Assess

Determine your readiness

DAU's Innovation Competencies & Skills Model incorporates a careful blend of contemporary industry knowledge and extensive academic research. It offers a tailored learning experience designed to meet your specific requirements. Central to this model is a comprehensive self-assessment tool, crafted to pinpoint your strengths and areas for growth. Once your areas of focus have been identified, prepare to continue your journey with personalized learning recommendations.

Innovation Readiness Assessment Sign-Up

Access a variety of learning experiences crafted to boost your innovation skills and behaviors. Choose from videos, talks, or readings, tailored to fit your style and your schedule - some as brief as 9 minutes. Take advantage of this opportunity for growth and excellence. Begin your Innovate to Win journey today!     
Access to the Self-Assessment is for those who are in Defense Acquisition Workforce coded positions. If you are not in one of these positions, clicking the link will return a blank screen. If you are unsure, please reach out to your supervisor.

Get Started 

What’s Next

  1. Log in to DAU’s Virtual Campus and complete the brief Innovation Readiness self-assessment. This evaluation will provide you with a detailed report highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement according to the Innovation Competencies and Skills Model. Additionally, a personalized learning pathway will be generated to guide your development.
  2. Access your learning pathway on DAU’s Virtual Campus at your convenience. We strongly encourage you to engage with as many learning experiences as possible. Each asset not only enhances your knowledge but also allows you to earn Continuous Learning Points, enriching your professional profile.
  3. Explore the wealth of innovation resources available in the Virtual Campus to further expand your expertise. Stay updated and continually enhance your skills by revisiting the platform regularly. We recommend periodically retaking the Innovation Readiness Assessment to monitor your progress and tailor your learning journey accordingly.


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