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Defense Acquisition Magazine July-August 2022


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Defense Acquisition Magazine July-August 2022 cover



July - August 2022

Defense Acquisition is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

ISSN 2637-5060

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a woman at a door

Digital Government Contract Quality Assurance —An Argument for Digital Surveillance

Mark S. Phillips, Ph.D.

Instead of mass inspection or capability analysis, digital surveillance can be performed on a digital twin and can help us understand Design for Manufacturing and Assembly.

Digital Strategy Return on Investment

LtCol Stephen Waugh, USMC (Ret.) DBA

Following several steps in order can make a digital initiative a true innovation with a predictable return on investment.

a person hiking

Bridging the Valley of Death and Thriving Beyond — Improving Transition Success With Metrics

Richard Newton

Funding is the foundation that enables science and technology transitions to cross the Valley of Death to acquisition programs. But there are other best practices that bridge the chasm.

people standing on a submarine

AUKUS Submarine Project — Planning for Country Responsibilities

Don O’Neill

The Urgent Capability Acquisition pathway is highly compressed and must be completed from pre-development to delivery of the capability in under two years. This provides very little time for all that must be done.

shipping barge

Breaking the Supply Bottleneck

LTC John A Wright, USA (Ret.)

Supply chains across the globe remain dramatically out of sync, with congestion at seaports marking the latest in a long list of problems.

shaking hands

Contract Award Protest Rulings—Highlights From the GAO Report for 2021

Janel C. Wallace, J.D.

The GAO’s leading reasons for sustaining protests in FY 2021 were unreasonable technical evaluation; flawed discussions; unreasonable cost or price evaluation; and unequal treatment.

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Defense Acquisition Magazine

July - August 2022

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