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Defense Acquisition Magazine May-June 2023


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Defense Acquisition Magazine May-June 2023



May - June 2023


ISSN 2637-5060  

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Sustaining a Resilient Joint Force and Defense Ecosystem that Enables Integrated Deterrence       
Part 1 of 2 

Christopher J. Lowman, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment 

DoD’s Sustainment Executive examines challenges in building a defense that is fast, mobile, and lethal enough to meet the department’s most recent goals. 

Brendan Owens

Interview With Brendan Owens, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment (EI&E)        
Editorial Staff       

Owens discusses DoD-wide clean energy usage; greater installation-level efficiency and resilience; energy-saving performance contracts; and other EI&E priorities. 

connected pegs on a peg board

Augmenting the Adaptive Acquisition Framework With a Commercial Development Pathway 

Lt Col Scott F. Walter, USAF (Ret.), Ph.D., PE

A look at how a seventh dedicated pathway would enable rapid development and fielding of affordable technologies and capabilities. 

shaking hands

Dissecting the Fixed-Price Incentive (Firm Target) Contract 

Rodger D. Pearson

Breaking down FPIF parts to see how costs impact profit can reveal ways to attain acquisition objectives. 

fingerprint and a lock

Businesses and DoD Cybersecurity: The Zero Trust Approach 

George Vukotich, Ph.D., and Thomas Hurt

Zero Trust empowers small businesses to qualify and win DoD contracts by managing system security and avoiding the risk of an untrained system user. 

lightbulb on a keyboard

Translating Competencies into Competence  

Bill Kobren

Competencies have long served as powerful enablers of Defense Acquisition Workforce professional development, functional area proficiency, and on-the-job success. 

a pixellated globe

Leading the Conversation on the Great Power Competition  

Matthew Sablan

DAU takes the lead in providing curated resources, references, videos, interactive online conversations, and acquisition workforce learning on the evolving global contest. 

three red darts

How to Conduct a Successful Negotiation  

Massood Omrani, Ph.D., MBA 

Be ready to give and take in negotiations and seek a mutually rewarding future partnership.

blue wires with lights

The Trivium—Really Getting Back to Basics

Seth D. Shepherd

Increased clarity, sound logic, and effective collaboration will help avoid confusion and misunderstandings that can hinder delivery of program results.

Conferences and Meetings 

Current conferences and meetings of interest to Defense Acquisition readers. Links provided to registration and additional information. 

Acquisition Excellence 

The latest awards and recognition received for work well done. 

What's New at DAU 

Deployment of new credentials, available workshops, webinars, and other new learning opportunities. 

Research, Technology, and Innovation 

Learn about recent innovation, initiatives, and achievements. 

Leadership & Policy 

New policy initiatives and recently appointed or nominated DoD policy leaders. 

Career Development Opportunities 

Information on DoD and Service-related programs that can benefit careers in the Defense Acquisition workforce. 

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Defense Acquisition Magazine

May-June 2023

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