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Defense Acquisition November-December 2018


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ISSN 2637-5052    
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The Customer’s Voice    
Greater Intimacy Through Better Questions    
By Mark S. Phillips, Ph.D., and James N. Phillips, Jr., D.B.A.    

We must recognize our limitations and greater informational input from our customers to ensure what we deliver addresses our customers’ needs and problems.    

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Outperforming With Doctrine, Not Science    
By Larrie D. Ferreiro    

In the face of declining government dominance in research, new defense acquisitions must be based on the technologies and developments emerging in the commercial sector—as was done in World War II.    

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Big Data Meets High-Performance Computing    
By J. Michael Barton, Ph.D., John R. Wallace, and Raju Namburu, Ph.D.    

As business uses a wealth of data collected from myriad market activities, so the Army Research Laboratory analyzes e-mail, social network and other patterns to identify potential threats.    

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DAU’s Innovation in the Classroom    
On the Go With LEGO!    
By Tyrone Theriot    

Software and designer products created by the LEGO Group are used to create hands-on practical engineering exercises for a defense acquisition training program.    

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Setting the Standard for Cyber Safeguards    
By Smita Sharma    

The cyber security innovations in DHA may provide a blueprint for such approaches by other sectors within DoD.    

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A Reminder of Why We Do What We Do    
By Bill Kobren    

In the first centennial of the end of World War I, pause to reflect on the great sacrifices made in that war and in other conflicts before and since.    

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Improving the JCIDS Process    
By Lt Col Andrew Zinn, USAF    

Reforms are in the works to improve the effectiveness and speed of capability requirements validation. Some additional fixes can be considered.    

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Learning to Lead    
By Owen Gadeken    

Leaders are made and not born, and emerge along a path of challenges met and mastered. Following directions well is one skill, and a good one, as well as an ability to delegate to and empower others.    

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Auditing Contractor Goals and Objectives    
Nine Ways Forward for Program Managers    
By Eugene A. Razzetti    

Program managers need to consider an outsider’s look at providers of defense goods and services and consider auditing contractors to an established standard.    

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Interruptions From Technology    
A Constant Battle to Prioritize    
By Diane R. Bublak    

Maintaining discipline and managing our reaction to would-be interruptions can prove a key element of success.    

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MDAP/MAIS Program Manager Changes 

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