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Defense AT&L - January-February 2018



January - February 2018

Defense AT&L is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

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A Meeting of the Minds

Capt Keith W. O’Donnell, USAF

Expanding Training and Understanding Between Industry and Government 
A better mutual understanding is needed of Department of Defense and industry processes and motivators. This can be achieved through joint training and recurring joint analysis of acquisition processes. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Logistics Agency

Melissa Bohan

A New Strategy for a New Environment 
Key objectives in the Defense Logistics Agency’s new strategic plan are enhanced industry, government and allied partnerships; rapid delivery of mission capabilities; and an enduring global presence. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Disaster Preparedness in DoD

Eugene A. Razzetti

Hurricanes and Terrorist Attacks Require the Same Preparations 
A terrorist attack could be as deadly and as damaging as a hurricane; loss of a sewage treatment system could prove as serious as a biological attack. But training for one type of event supplies the knowhow to deal with the other. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Converting Data Into Decisions

Jennifer Miller, D.B.A.

Learning From Cost and Case Studies 
Cost management analysis, case studies, and improved communication skills can improve the performance of multiple acquisition career fields in a time of tight budgets. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Health Agency

Jason J. Cunningham

New System to Manage Nurses’ Workloads - Optimizing Patient Care at Walter Reed 
The largest U.S. military treatment facility established a modernized internet-based system, managing the hours of more than 7,000 nurses and maintaining quality care for more than 1 million patients yearly. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Riding the Crest of the Data Revolution

C. D. Moore

The data revolution enhances the collection and analysis of large amounts of data. This dramatically improves system performance by increasing system availability and lowering operating costs. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Sun Tzu and the Art of Cyberwar

Roy Wilson

The wisdom of an ancient Chinese strategist is widely quoted in military circles today and is as applicable in cyberwar as on the conventional battlefield. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

SOFWERX’s “Combustion Chamber” of Innovation

Jim Ryan and Joe Chang

The U.S. Special Operations Command has a military-industry joint effort called SOFWERX where ideas and information are exchanged to create a “combustion chamber” for innovative solutions to warriors’ needs.(To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

GAO Rulings in Contract Protests The Importance of Documentation

Janel C. Wallace, J.D.

Recent rulings by the Government Accountability Office shed light on how government contract officers can award contacts that can prevail against protests by disappointed bidders. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)


Jay Mandelbaum, William F. Conroy III, Christina M. Patterson and Robin Brown

After Years of Evolution, There’s Still Room for Improvement 
Here’s a look at what has changed over the last 40 years on Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Acquisition Magazine

January - February 2018

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