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Defense AT&L - July-August 2016


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July - August 2016

Defense AT&L is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

View as PDF  10 Articles in This Magazine

Improving Acquisition From Within - Suggestions From Our PEOs

Frank Kendall

From the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

A Primer on Risks, Issues and Opportunities

Thomas L. Conroy II, Ed. D.

Root cause analysis gets to the heart of a risk and determines why it exists, its nature, how it will occur, and what should be done about it. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Robust, Replicable and Defensible Risk Management At Headquarters or the Front

Eugene A. Razzetti

Proper risk management permits decision making based on realistic scenario assumptions and defensible justification. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Supply Chain Risk Management - An Introduction to the Credible Threat

Heath Ferry and Van Poindexter

Some of the same advanced communications technologies that make our lives easier also could leave us wide open to a cybersecurity breach. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Intellectual Innovation - A Paradigm Shift in Workforce Development

Michael Cook

Technology and innovation drive the personnel challenge of organizations to recruit and retain employees who can respond to their missions and operational requirements.

Twenty Observations on Innovation

Jeff Windham

Innovation still is possible in the government, even if it is more difficult than in the private sector. Some observations are offered for leaders and innovators inside the Defense Acquisition System. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

What’s Your Acquisition EQ?

Owen Gadeken

Seeking a better handle on the human element, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) recently incorporated a new emotional intelligence tool to enhance the workforce “Emotional Quotient (EQ).” (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Asking the Right Questions - Action Learning and PMT 401

Bobbie DeLeon and Christopher Phillips

The DAU Program Manager’s Course is intensive, case-based and 10 weeks long and aims at improving leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. Here is how it works. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Turning Words Into Action - Confronting Acquisition Challenges

Maj. Jamie J. Johnson, USAF, Ph.D.

Warfighters who operate fielded systems continue finding new uses never imagined by designers, and feedback on these findings can prove widely useful. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Improving Competition - Reforming the Requirements Process

Roy Wood, Ph.D.

Internal competition above the prime contractor level is an option for cost control, given our shrinking industrial base. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Crash Course for IT Newbies - Some Have Automated Information Systems Thrust Upon Them

Oliver Easterday

Some lessons are learned the hard way by those who manage Department of Defense automated information systems and technology.

Asia Pivot: The U.S. - India Defense Initiative A New Standard for Improved Cooperation and Trade

Amit K. Maitra

Objectives and means need to be defined in pursuing the common interests of India and the United States in South Asia and the Indian Ocean. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Acquisition Magazine

July - August 2016

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