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Defense AT&L - May-June 2016


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May - June 2016

Defense AT&L is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

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Real Acquisition Reform (or Improvement) Must Come from Within

Frank Kendall

From the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics.

Organizational Executive Coaching For Extraordinary Futures

Joe Beel, Lois Harper, and Brian Marsh

Coaches from the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) work one-on-one to “up the game” even of leaders who already are top performers. An essential element is a “board of directors” formed of those who can facilitate extraordinary achievement. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Someone Else I Can Talk To - The Benefits of Executive Coaching

Marcia E. Richard

In a time of rising expectations and tightened budgets, DAU’s program provides support for notable senior leaders who can go further and do more. The program, usually 9 to 12 months long, follows a six-step coaching model. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Enhancing the Science and Technology Manager Career Field

Darren Rhyne

Two of the three required Science and Technology Management (STM) courses at the DAU are new for this fiscal year. The new Level I (Introduction) course is the career field’s first distance learning course. The new required Level III (Leadership) course was developed by a tenured Georgetown University professor under contract. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

STEM Education and Outreach - Strengthening Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Tyrone Theriot

In addition to training the Defense Acquisition Workforce, DAU conducts outreach for high school students near its headquarters campus. DAU’s STEM Engineering Management Workshop is expanding its outreach to all grades and provides professional development for educators as well.

Critical Thinking - An Overview of the Defense Acquisition System

Thomas L. Conroy II, EdD

There is a need to understand the “why” of what we do, or the thinking behind the policy and procedures we follow. This understanding will permit the tailoring of a system model unique to a program’s specific needs. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills - Discovering the Common Denominator in High-Stakes Environments

Joe Moschler and Mike McGhee

A lack or lapse of effective “soft skills” (such as appropriate communications) can result in tragic mishaps despite years of experience and technical capability and expertise. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Pursuit of the Possible - USSOCOM’s Technical Experimentation Program

Tom McGowan

The U.S. Special Operations Command’s Technical Experimentation program brings together operational users, acquisition program managers and technology developers (private and public) to evaluate new technologies. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Do’s and Don’ts for Conditional Acceptance of Nonperforming Supplies or Services

Anthony J. Nicolella

Don’t settle quickly for a soft promise to correct a problem later, while the contractor continues to be paid for on time delivery of a nonconforming item. Conditional acceptance of a weapon system isn’t always in the government’s best interest. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Cybersecurity - The Road Ahead for Defense Acquisition

Steve Mills and Steve Monks

The imperative mission of maintaining U.S. technological superiority requires not only adequate research and development but also protection of new capabilities against cybersecurity breaches. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Why Should We Care About Outsourcing?

Brian Schultz

(To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Acquisition Magazine

May - June 2016

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