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Defense AT&L - May-June 2017


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May - June 2017

Defense AT&L is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

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The Power of Data

Written by: Melvin Frank, David Kester and Karen Urschel

New Thinking and Technology Can Keep EVMS Relevant
The Energy Department sees Earned Value Management (EVM) as integrating the scope, schedule and cost parameters of complex, high-value scientific, engineering, construction and environmental cleanup projects through systematic planning, monitoring and control. This permits detailed performance assessment.

GAO Best Practice Guides Light the Way

Written by: Karen A. Richey

GAO best practice guides are developed through an iterative, consultative process involving experts in related domains. These experts come from government agencies, private companies, independent consultant groups, trade industry groups and academia.

Cutting the Cost of Earned Value Management

Written by: Jerald Kerby, Matoka Forbes and Stefanie Terrell

The Civilian Agencies and Industry Working Group on EVM recently released its guides on reciprocity and scalability. Both initiatives resulted in products that can help lower the burden and cost of EVM implementation.

Improving Threat Support for DoD Acquisition Programs

Written by Paul Reinhart and Brian Vanyo

Accelerating advancements in threat military capabilities drive sweeping changes in acquisition intelligence support. The defense intelligence community overhauled its threat support products and procedures in 2016, viewed here along with the outlook for better intelligence integration.

Could Your Organization Use a Leadership Booster Shot?

Written by: Woody Spring and John Larson

The benefits of DAU’s Acquisition Leadership Development Workshops. This training series mixes hard-hitting content and practical exercises typical of workplace challenges.

Can Life-Cycle Cost Evaluations Be Revived?

Written by: Scott Gilbreth

Value Adjusted Total Evaluated Price Could Be the Answer
The use of life-cycle cost (LCC) evaluations is resisted because they are only estimates and extend beyond a contract’s life. Can the trade-off offered by Value Adjusted Total Evaluated Price breathe new life into LCC?

Army Pursuit of Innovation Through Rapid Prototyping

Written by: Richard E. Hott and Christina M. Bates

Rapid prototyping allows project managers to see and feel a potential capability prior to the acquisition process. This permits modifications at the most costefficient moment, early in development.

Solving Supply Problems

Written by: Tom Gerbe

Searches for items often are conducted without the proper tools to find them. A commercial supply-problem data provider may be located via a Google search for a contract or item—indicating a lack of success with government-provided tools.

Tools for Deciphering Best Value

Written by: William Sims Curry

Sustained protests of contract selections over a 2-year period revealed a pertinent weakness not mentioned in the reports: The decision matrices presented to the selection authority often were cryptic or failed to facilitate technical and/or cost trade-off decisions.

Future-Proof Your Program

Written by: Roy Wood, Ph.D.

A program may need to be futureproofed. What looked good 5 or 10 years ago no longer may apply. Intelligence briefings are needed on specific threats addressed by a program. Advice and evolutionary practices can help ensure that there is a design margin.

Defense Acquisition Magazine

May - June 2017

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