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Defense AT&L - May-June 2018


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May - June 2018

Defense AT&L is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

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An Innovation Insurgency

David L. Gallop, Ph.D.

Hacking for Defense at the DAU 
Hacking for Defense provides a model for facilitating innovation in acquisition. By replicating the techniques of a Lean Startup business, practitioners test ideas rapidly and deliver solutions that are a product-mission fit. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Mirror, Mirror

John Krieger

Too Many Delays? Don’t Look to FAR 
Despite frequent complaints about regulatory rigidity, there are many ways under federal and defense acquisition rules to tighten timelines and perform functions on parallel tracks. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Using Industry Best Practices to Improve Acquisition

Craig M. Arndt, D.Eng., P.E.

Both industry and DoD develop and field advanced systems. DoD looks to best practices to improve acquisition as development challenges grow. But many unique aspects of DoD development significantly affect which best practices are needed and useful. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here..)

Treating the Side Effects of Process

John T. Bailey

Beware of the frequent unintended side effects of processes used. They can distract from our mission, create disbelief among workforce members and in the system, and divide our teams. Leaders must adopt and communicate new principles to reframe the acquisition workforce’s mindset. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here..)

Faster, Greater Value and Cheaper—Is It Real?

Brian Schultz

A significant change in the paradigm for acquiring software reliant systems is piloted in DoD. The transition to the Agile DevOps model and other new approaches will not be easy. Beyond “unlearning” the old way and adopting new processes, a big culture change is needed. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Sizing the Supply Chain

Rob Blakey and Michael A. Bayer, Ph.D.

From the Top Down 
Spare parts are a substantial cost driver for all acquisition programs, and securing these parts in correct quantities is critical to equipment availability. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Audit Readiness—the Time is Now

Stephen Speciale

DoD must swiftly resolve its outstanding financial management issues and achieve an audit-ready state as required by federal law to avoid possible budget cutbacks and program cancellations. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Adding to the Source Selection Arsenal

David M. Riel

Looking beyond Lowest Price Technically Acceptable, each source-selection process decision must be based on its own merits. How well defined are the requirements? How mature is the technology? Are the risks well understood? A Lowest Price Value Adjusted Total Evaluated Price is a possible approach. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Documentation, Evaluation and Selection Pitfalls

Janel C. Wallace, J.D.

GAO Rulings on Contract Bid Protests in Fiscal 2017 
To successfully defend a contract award against a bidder protest, agencies must be aware of what constitutes a reasonable technical, past performance, cost or price evaluation—and what does not. Careful documentation is needed, and analysis must support the award decision. Several cases are reviewed. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Acquisition Magazine

May - June 2018

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