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Defense AT&L - November-December 2017


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November - December 2017

Defense AT&L is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.

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Product Support Should-Cost Opportunities O&S Strategies to Boost Affordability

Marty Sherman and Bill Kobren

Should-Cost savings opportunities exist in both product-focused and process-focused operating and support activities and throughout all phases of a program’s life cycle. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

How to Write a Good Risk Statement

James Thompson and Stephen Stump

Well-structured risk statements help all stakeholders better understand program risks, and they facilitate system engineering plans and communications. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

AcqDemo Aids Acquisition Mission Success

Scott Wortman

The Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration project evaluates employee contributions to mission success, rather than tenure. This helps improve acquisition performance. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Streamlining the Contract Award Process

Gregory B. Gonzalez

Interview With Army Contract Writing Product Manager LTC Rob Wolfe 
The Army Contract Writing System and the Army Contracting Command in Illinois implemented several innovative methods to speed initial contract awards. Their ideas can be used by other program managers. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Tabletop Exercises for Added Value in Affordable Acquisition

Eugene A. Razzetti

Tabletops help improve team responses to disaster preparedness and emergency planning. They can help improve program management. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

The Quest for Defense Cybersecurity

John A. Shaud, Michael G. Lilienthal, Scott Thompson and David Brown

Many major weapons programs have difficulty negotiating the many directives and guidance to develop cybersecurity requirements and strategy. Here’s a way forward. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Safeguarding Federal Data

Janel C. Wallace, J.D.

Following multiple successful cyberattacks, DoD program managers must become familiar with emerging new rules for safeguarding federal information. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Better Communications on IT Spending Risks

Robert D. Frum, DCS

There are ways to consider a broader range of possible outcomes when making information technology investments. (To print a PDF copy of this article, click here.)

Defense Acquisition Magazine

November - December 2017

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