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A Knowledge Area is an acquisition-related function designated by the Defense Acquisition Workforce Leadership Team (WLT) as a DoD-level high priority for meeting defense acquisition mission requirements. Knowledge areas will be cross-functional in nature and will often address emerging and rapidly changing acquisition subjects. Knowledge Areas will include learning assets for workforce members to further develop and expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specific area of expertise. In some cases, the learning will culminate in the workforce member earning a credential in the specific knowledge area.

Solider speaking at a conference booth

Knowledge Area

  • Data flowing through a circuit

    Acquisition Intelligence is the application of intelligence about adversary threats, and the planning for intelligence dependencies in acquisition i.e., threat and intelligence supportability.…

    Courses 3
    Events 20
    Tools 18
    Blogs 5
    Credentials 1
    Acqupedia Articles 16
  • Person holding a reflective orb against a digital landscape

    Acquisition of Services: Services encompass all non-product procurements and involve the performance of specific activities in support of DoD missions. Most importantly, services are rendered…

    Courses 7
    Events 2
    Tools 8
    Blogs 1
    Credentials 3
    Acqupedia Articles 36
  • Budget vs Expenses example graph

    Earned Value Management (EVM) is a widely accepted best practice for program management, used across the DoD. Program managers use EVM as a tool to provide joint situational awareness of program…

    Courses 7
    Events 1
    Tools 12
    Blogs 2
    Credentials 1
    Acqupedia Articles 4
  • Data streaming out from a point in the horizon in a digital landscape

    DoD Information Technology (IT) includes all software applications (SW) and the hardware/firmware those applications run on (IT/SW). This DAU Media Site is meant to be an Acquisition Workforce…

    Courses 12
    Events 26
    Tools 2
    Blogs 3
    Credentials 1
    Acqupedia Articles 5
  • Water drop splashing into a body of water

    Intellectual Property (IP) in DoD acquisitions is critical for ensuring return on technology investment, promoting technical innovation, and enhancing competition, supportability, technical…

    Courses 10
    Events 2
    Tools 0
    Blogs 5
    Credentials 2
    Acqupedia Articles 0
  • International flags in a row

    International Acquisition/Security Cooperation refers to the entire spectrum of activities that the defense acquisition workforce engages in with allied and friendly nations and other foreign…

    Courses 21
    Events 3
    Tools 6
    Blogs 78
    Credentials 1
    Acqupedia Articles 10
  • Business talking about military equipment

    Small business concerns shall be afforded an equitable opportunity to compete for all contracts that they can perform to the extent consistent with the Government’s interest. "It is the…

    Courses 5
    Events 18
    Tools 20
    Blogs 19
    Credentials 0
    Acqupedia Articles 8
  • Person holding a phone with digital items hovering above it

    Small business concerns shall be afforded an equitable opportunity to compete for all contracts that they can perform to the extent consistent with the Government’s interest. It is the policy of…

    Courses 12
    Events 2
    Tools 0
    Blogs 2
    Credentials 3
    Acqupedia Articles 0
  • Person reaching out and touching floating digitial symbols

    The Software Development Knowledge Area is cross-functional in nature and encompasses the application of iterative software development methodologies and tools to design, test, deliver, and…

    Courses 111
    Events 1
    Tools 1
    Blogs 0
    Credentials 2
    Acqupedia Articles 1