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          • Library, Research & Publications

            This page is designed to offer up resources for a Defense Acquisition Workforce fully enabled by the power of information, with enhanced ability to agilely support the warfighter’s capability needs. Whether it’s access to licensed databases, DAU publications, professional reading lists, or research capabilities, DAU and its content partners provide a rich, holistic environment that keeps the Defense Acquisition Workforce informed and situationally aware.

            The Virtual Research Library (VRL) is reintroducing Interlibrary Loan (ILL). If you have a request for an article or book chapter, or any other request for library services, please reach out to your assigned librarian, email the library staff via , or complete your request via our Ask A Librarian form.

            If you would like to contact to a member of DAU's VRL staff, you may use the following email: Reference/Research/Archives:

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