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Categorizing Defense Innovation



The AUKUS Submarine Project AUKUS Submarine Projectstring;#/library/defense-atl/blog/AUKUS-Submarine-Project
The Art and Science of the Workaround Art and Science of the Workaroundstring;#/library/defense-atl/blog/the-workaround
Through DoD’s Valley of Death DoD’s Valley of Deathstring;#/library/defense-atl/blog/Valley-of-Death
Mastering Virtual Program Leadership Virtual Program Leadershipstring;#/library/defense-atl/blog/Mastering-Virtual-Program-Leadership
Securing the Future Through Back-to-Basics the Future Through Back-to-Basicsstring;#/library/defense-atl/blog/Back-to-Basics
The Army Way Army Waystring;#/library/defense-atl/blog/The-Army-Way

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