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Defense Acquisition Magazine January-February 2024


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Defense Acquisition Magazine Cover Jan-Feb 2024





January - February 2024

NO. 1, DAU 296
ISSN 2637-5060

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Abramson Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

Interview With Retired Army Brig. Gen. Al Abramson, Vice President of Strategic Engagement for the National Armaments Consortium

Editorial Staff

Gen. Abramson discusses the use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) and the value of consortia.

Harrison Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

Intellectual Property: A Critical Product Support Enabler for Readiness

Shawn Harrison

Data rights should be obtained early in system development.

Long Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

Battlefield Prep With Vendor Threat Mitigation

Donna M. Livingston, Maj. William E. Long Jr., USAF (Ret.), and Cmdr. E. Cory Yoder, USN (Ret.)

DoD’s Vendor Threat Mitigation capability enables commanders to legally deter adversaries seeking to negatively influence commercial support and undermine mission objectives.

Luna Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

Flying Together: Aligning Air Force Acquisition and Sustainment

Capt. Steven Luna, USAF

An aircraft maintenance officer suggests steps to better integrate acquisition and sustainment and plot a more productive course toward meeting U.S. global challenges.

Jones Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

Avoiding Organizational Conflicts of Interest

Jennifer Jones

Organizational Conflicts of Interest must be handled carefully to maintain contracting process integrity.

Gadeken Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

On Becoming a Program Manager

Owen Gadeken

Leadership is the most important factor in a successful acquisition program.

Wong Thumbnail Jan-Feb 2024

Leadership Skills Are Essential for Everyone

Ann Wong, D.Sc., and Maria Briggs

Leadership skills must become the bedrock for developing professional excellence at every level throughout the DoD Acquisition Workforce.

MDAP Program Manager Changes

With the assistance of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Acquisition magazine publishes the names of incoming and outgoing program managers for major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs).

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Defense Acquisition Magazine

January-February 2024

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