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Defense Acquisition Magazine September-October 2023


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Defense Acquisition Magazine September-October 2023





September - October 2023

ISSN 2637-5060

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Dr. William A. LaPlante, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment

Our Competitive Advantage: The Defense Acquisition Workforce

Dr. William A. LaPlante, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment

Acquisition professionals are “moving mountains” to provide critical capabilities in the face of soaring demand and must prepare to do more.

Shawn Harrison

Interview with Gen. Duke Richardson, Commander, Air Force Materiel Command

Shawn Harrison

Gen. Richardson describes his vision for Digital Materiel Management to accelerate acquiring and sustaining systems to counter the pacing threat.


Pathways to Becoming a Successful DoD Product Support Manager

Bill Kobren

Myriad pathways exist for becoming a successful, highly effective DoD product support manager.


Staffing the Product Support Management Team

Shawn Harrison

A look at how manpower requirements for the Product Support Management team are quantitatively determined and suggestions for overcoming shortfalls.


Second-Level Contracting

Rodger Pearson

The best contract management requires a true understanding of business practices, contract clauses, incentives, contract types, evaluation factors, and the interrelationship of all these factors.


Innovation—the Key to Ongoing Success

George Vukotich, Ph.D., and Ann Wong, D.Sc.

By fostering a supportive environment within an organization, the innovations and success of colleagues can offer acquisition practitioners insight into an innovative culture that creates excitement and energy.


Cyber Hygiene for Unmanaged Devices

David Bychkov, Ph.D., and Aaron Jacobson, D.I.A.

The authors propose persuasive technologies to help digital natives struggling with burnout and boost workforce cybersecurity.


Your Acquisition Career as a Journey

Owen Gadeken

Draw and reflect on your career timeline for a successful acquisition journey.

Conferences and Meetings

Current conferences and meetings of interest to Defense Acquisition readers. Links provided to registration and additional information.

What's New at DAU

Deployment of new credentials, available workshops, webinars, and other new learning opportunities.

Acquisition Excellence

The latest awards and recognition received for work well done.

Career Development Opportunities

Information on DoD and Service-related programs that can benefit careers in the Defense Acquisition workforce.

Leadership & Policy

New policy initiatives and recently appointed or nominated DoD policy leaders.

Research, Technology, and Innovation

Learn about recent innovation, initiatives, and achievements.

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Defense Acquisition Magazine

September-October 2023

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