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About the Professional Reading Program

Photo of President James P. Woolsey

Remarks from Senior Leadership
President James P. Woolsey
Defense Acquisition University 

Defense acquisition has always been a dynamic process, and the Defense Acquisition  Professional Reading Program is dynamic as well. The books in the program have been selected by key leaders in the defense acquisition community to help inform and shape the strategic and critical thinking of our workforce. We encourage you to bring what you have learned and recognized from your readings into your defense acquisition experience.

Reader's Suggestions

We encourage our readers to submit reviews of books they believe should be required reading for the defense acquisition professional. Your recommended books should be of general interest to the defense acquisition community and not specific to any one service. It should provide context and insight in order to develop critical and strategic viewpoints, and not be prescriptive in nature ("follow these steps and you/your office/program will succeed"). Your review should be 500 words or fewer, describe the book and its major ideas, and explain why it is relevant to defense acquisition. Please include links to related multimedia, if possible. Please send your reviews to the managing editor, Defense Acquisition Research Journal ([email protected]).

How to Access the Books in the Defense Acquisition Professional Reading Program

Many of the books in this program may be available, in electronic version at no cost, to defense acquisition workforce members via DoD websites. Their links provide electronic access directly to the book.

If electronic access is not available, most of the books in this program are available to check out, free of charge, at your local public or academic library. In some cases, your local branch may not have the book on the shelf; in that case, every library participates in an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) program which can get you the book you want for free or with a minimal fee. The WorldCat book links provide access to the names of libraries that have a particular book.

Suggested Sources for Accessing Electronic Books Outside the Defense Acquisition Professional Reading Program

Air Force Libraries: and

Army Libraries: and

DAU Knowledge Repository: - Government Acquisition Workforce Members

DoD MWR Libraries:

Navy Libraries: and

The Defense Acquisition Professional Reading Program is maintained by the Defense Acquisition University. The appearance of a title on this reading list does not imply that any part of the Department of Defense endorses the author's or reviewer's views or interpretations. 

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