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  4. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DSMC Strategic Consulting & Executive Engagement

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DSMC Strategic Consulting & Executive Engagement

For more information, contact: [email protected]  

Our focus areas include:

  • Leadership 
    • Tailored or Customized Training on aspects of leading acquistion (Virtual or Onsite)
      • Specialized sessions or tailored courses based on Customer's Specific Requests to meet mission needs in real time.
      • Example areas include: Self-leadership, team leadership, adaptive leader of other leaders, agile mindset, change management, understanding industry, stakeholder engagement, etc.
      • Improve Program Office Performance through Subject Matter Expertise and Team cooperative training such as evaluating stakeholders, risk & opportunity management, psychological safety and emotional intelligence for team performance, etc.
      • Become a certified coach for an organization.
    • Leadership Workshop
      • Tailored to the client's specific needs; goal is to improve performance
      • Focused on Stakeholder & Workplace Challenges to break through workplace barriers to performance.
      • Acquisition Leader Development: ALD 1100/2100/3100--(progressive leader training at the ranks Major/Lt Colonel through Colonel and GS-11 through 15) Acquisition Leader Training for SES and DISL levels (ACQ 404) 
      • Workshops and Tools to Structure Thinking and Communication – Rational, Disciplined, Collaborative Approaches that include areas such as futures thinking, critical thinking, boundary spanning, stakeholder analysis, communicating as a leader, etc.
      • Coaching as a leader (not certified)
  • Critical Thinking
    • Workshops and Tools to Structure Thinking – Rational, Disciplined, and Logical Approaches
  • Executive Focus
    • Defense Acquisition Executive Overview Workshops (DAEOWS)
      • Fully tailored and individualized curriculum for DoD Executives, Flag/General Officers, and Congressional Members and Staff that Provides Acquisition Knowledge at the Point of Need
    • Executive Coaching
      • Targeted for O-7/O-6/SES/GS-15
      • One-on-One Relationship with a DoD Senior Program Leader Aimed at Achieving a Higher Quality Acquisition Outcome for their Organization
      • 55 DAU Executive Coaches Trained to Explore Client Perspectives, Challenge Assumptions, and Provide Non-Judgmental Support
  • Program Focus
    • Event-Driven Workshops
      • Focus on Your Real-Time Program Data and Challenges such as Acquisition Program Transition, Source Selection, Acquisition Strategy Development, Services Acquisition, Strategic Planning, etc.
    • Strategic Planning and Consulting
      • Strategic Planning Support to Include Mission and Vision Framing or Identifying Champion Leads and Establishing Parameters Required to Develop Strategic Planning Documents
      • Red Teaming to review acquisition documentation prior to submission
    • Pre-Milestone/ Gate Review
      • Preparatory Dry Run Opportunities prior to Requests for Milestone Decisions
    • Deep Dive/ Consulting
      • Provides Your Organization with an In-Depth Review to Address
      • Your Specific Needs, Can Include Organizational Assessments, Independent Review Teams, Strategic Leadership Offsites, etc.