Defense Acquisition Portal - MDID

The MDID tool reflects content contained within the 5000.02T (Table 3, 6 and 7 only). Future updates will be made IAW with identified transition guidance.

Defense Acquisition Portal - MDID
STATUTORY Statutory requirements cannot be waived unless the statute permits.
Regulatory MDAs may tailor regulatory procedures consistent with sound business practice and the risks associated with the product being acquired.

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CDD Val. Capability Development Document Validation
DOT&E Director, Operational Test and Evaluation
Dev. RFP Rel. Development Request for Proposals (RFP) Release
E.O. Executive Order
FRP/FD Dec. Full Rate Production (FRP) Decision or the Full Deployment (FD) Decision
MAIS Major Automated Information System
MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program
MDD Materiel Development Decision
MS A Milestone A
MS B Milestone B
MS C Milestone C
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
Other An event other than a decision or validation life-cycle event
PESHE Programmatic Environmental, Safety, and Health Evaluation
RFP Request for Proposals
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan

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