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Information for New MDID Users

MDID is an interactive list of all the documents and actions required for each major milestone or decision point in the system acquisition lifecycle, as described in DoDI 5000.02. This page provides a quick overview of MDID for the first-time user.

Global Navigation Controls

MDID banner

In the upper-left corner of every page within the MDID, clicking the logo in the banner is one of way to return to the Home page.

Clicking the "DAU" logo in the upper-right corner of the page opens a new browser window that links to the Home page for the Defense Acquisition University.

MDID global controls

Just below the banner is a row of buttons and other controls, available from every page.

  • Home - links to the Home page.
  • Purpose - links to a description of the tables in DoDI 5000.02 from which MDID originates.
  • Tutorial - links to a downloadable file that provides information on what is the MDID, how to customize the list to match a real defense acquisition program, and how to interpret the list and metacards.
  • Help - the button you clicked to launch this tutorial.
  • Feedback - links to a form for providing general comments about the MDID: or to describe technical problems.
  • DAU Quick Links - opens a directory of links to other DAU applications and web sites.
  • Links to DAU social media sites: Facebook, Flickr, iTunes University, and Twitter.

At the bottom of every page is a footer that contains links to several important technical and legal disclaimers, and DAU points of contact.

Between the banner and footer, the MDID Home page is divided into two columns. The content of both columns expands or collapses as the amount of content requires. However, the columns only change in height in response to changes in the height of the browser. If the content of a column extends beyond the height of the column, use the scroll bar next to that column to view the hidden content.


MDID list box

The MDID is organized in the same way as the same content in the DoDI 5000.02. In the MDID, to navigate, select from the options available in the pull-down list-box in the upper-left corner of the page, just below the button bar.

The label of each option matches the corresponding Table in DoDI 5000.02. Two of the labels state (See Table Notes). These notes correspond to the footnotes in the DoDI 5000.02 tables and are on the bottom right side of the page of the MDID.

MDID frozen row

Some lists are just lists: a single column of the title of requirements that match the current selections. Some lists are complex tables with many columns, colors, and symbols.

To help understand the meaning of each additional column, a header appears at the top of the added columns, with a label. Next to this header row is a link: selecting it momentarily pops-up a Legend describing the colors, symbols, and other conventions used in the added columns.

  • Colors - the colors correspond to the hues used in the Defense Acquisition Framework chart.
  • Symbols - the small black rectangles indicate the conditional requirement for the item listed in that row: click the name of the requirement to open a Metacard providing a more specific explanation of that requirement.
  • Uppercase - a requirement name in all capital letters indicates that item is required according to a statute; otherwise, it is required according to a regulation.

In the added columns, moving the cursor over any item will open a momentary pop-up "tooltip" that explains the table cell the cursor is over.

MDID footnote link

Each of the lists originates from a table in DoDI 5000.02. Those tables include footnotes with instructions on how to interpret the information displayed in the table. Click the link in the right column to open a copy of the footnotes for the list currently displayed. In addition to the footnotes from the DoDI 5000.02 table, the page contains comments on each note that expand their instruction to include how to interpret the MDID lists.


MDID metacard

Click the name of any item in the list to open a Metacard for that item. A Metacard is a pop-up dialog box that contains information specific to the selected item: this extra information is called "metadata". This information includes the following:

  • a description or definition of the item;
  • notes about the item;
  • a list of the statutes and regulations that require the item;
  • a list of who approves or receives the item;
  • a list of when the item is required, if it not a regular life-cycle requirement;
  • and a list of links to references about the item.

Each Metacard includes buttons and links that provide features for that Metacard.

  • Close - click the red "X" in the upper-right corner to close the Metacard and return to the list.
  • Print - click the Print link at the bottom to open a printer dialog for the Metacard.
  • Feedback - click the Feedback link at the bottom to open the local e-mail client application with a pre-addressed message about the selected Metacard: enter a comment and click Send.

The Notes row in each Metacard is very important! It describes any unique conditions or exceptions that are not otherwise obvious in the list.


MDID filter

On the MDID Home page, the list in the left column may contain dozens of items, many of which do not seem applicable. The top of the right column contains a stack of items that can filter the list to the left, making it much shorter, easier to read, and more applicable to a real defense acquisition program.

The filters are "rolled-up" until needed. To un-roll a filter, select the label of the desired filter. When complete, click the label again to roll is back up.

In an unrolled filter, select any of the controls to apply the described filter. The effect is immediate: the list will instantly change to reflect the new selection. Please note, not all filters apply to all lists; some filters are inclusive (check boxes), some filters are exclusive (radio buttons), and some filters are conditional (available after selection of another filter).

The bottom filter allows removing items from the list that do not do not contain key words, either in their label or in their Metacard. For a full explanation of this function and its potential application, please see the MDID Tutorial.

Other Features

In the right column, immediately below the filter roll-ups, are a stack similarly rolled-up items. These items are displayed in an accordion fashion: only one item may be unrolled at a time. The items include a brief glossary of abbreviations that appear in the MDID, and links to valuable additional information outside the MDID.

Two links that are especially valuable appear boldly at the bottom of the right column: a link to the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, and a link to the Defense Acquisition Glossary.

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