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New Acquisition Training Available – DAU Quarterly Update

A woman standing at a whiteboard teaching a class at DAU.

New Acquisition Training Available – DAU Quarterly Update

Acquisition professionals now have more than 20 new courses, credentials and other learning resources to go beyond your certification goals.

Below is a showcase of some of these new assets. 


Defense Acquisition credentials offer you a collection of training courses and assets on specific topics.


Choose from several new courses on hot acquisition topics.

  • Services Acquisition Management Tools (ACQ 2551): Support the multi-functional team performing services acquisition as they progress through the three phases and seven steps of the Services Acquisition Process.
  • Application of Operating and Supporting Cost (BCE 2160): Learn the basic concepts and methodologies needed to develop operating and support cost estimates.
  • Updating the O&S Estimate (BCE 3160V): Build an operating and support cost estimate for a fictional operating system to learn how system's technical characteristics, operating concepts, and support concepts may influence cost estimates across the O&S Cost Estimating Structure.
  • Financial Management Principles or Military Construction (BFM 2710V): Dive into military construction standards, regulations and laws and fiscal laws.
  • Undefinitized Contract Actions (CMC 1050): Learn the roles and responsibilities of  Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Administrative Contracting Officers while administering and definitizing undefinitized contract actions.
  • DCMA Supervisory Skills Development (CMI 2100V): Gain the knowledge and tools required to execute support of subordinate DCMA employees.
  • Earned Value Management System Interpretation Guide (EVMSIG) 102 Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting (CMI 1220): Learn more about the DoD Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting Guidelines (6 through 15) outlined in the DoD EVMSIG, which facilitate the ability of the EVMS functional specialist to perform their role.
  • Source Selection (CON 0074): Develop an understanding of the source selection process, its goals, planning steps, the source selection organization, roles of source selection team members and notifications and debriefings of offerors.
  • Contract Negotiation Techniques (CON 0470): Gain a better understanding of various analysis techniques and tools to use in the development of a contract’s negotiation range. 
  • Facilities Capital Cost of Money (FCCOM) (CON 7160): Learn about FCCOM and the elements used in calculating FCCOM and walk through the process. 
  • Price Negotiation Memorandum (CON 7180): Learn about the documents used to obtain approval to negotiate and those used during negotiations. 
  • Summary Statement of Intent (SSOI) (INT 1140): Learn to apply the DoD concepts, policies and practices that govern the identification, assessment, development, negotiation and implementation of DoD International Cooperative Program international agreements throughout the acquisition lifecycle. 
  • Software Acquisition Pathway (LOG 3560): Explore, examine and understand the purpose and principles of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework’s Software Acquisition Pathway.
  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? (SWE 0056): Receive detailed information on AI definitions, AI types, AI domains and how to discern whether a system might contain AI-based capabilities.
  • Overview of AI in the DoD (SWE 0058): Learn about DoD's approach to the emergent topic of acquiring AI-enabled systems as well as DAU’s mandate to accelerate the use of data analytics and AI/global AI competition.

DAU has also been producing microlearning assets – or short, targeted courses designed to help you solve a specific problem or learn a specific concept. The newest of those will help you to train at the speed of relevance:


  • Zero Trust (ZT) Practitioner’s Workshop (WSS 016): Review DoD's information technology strategic initiatives, cybersecurity reference architectures, relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards related to ZT. 

Upcoming Events and Web Series

Save the Date for DAU’s Flagship Event of the Summer! This year explores the crucial theme of “Taking Point” and operating in a constant state of readiness where our military is “ready to fight today's battles while preparing for tomorrow's wars.”

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Partner Courses

DAU offers a variety of courses via partners through the Virtual Campus. The following are our partner organizations’ top courses from the previous quarter:

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