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Small Business Professional Credential


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Small Business Professional (KA)


Functional Area

Is Credential
CSBP 001

This credential provides key, baseline business processes, tools, legislation/policies, and procedures, including funded programs and socioeconomic programs. The expectations of Small Business Professionals throughout the Department are discussed to help provide an understanding of where and how they fit into the Defense acquisition landscape. Students will apply basic and intermediate knowledge of the legislation, policies, acquisition process, and market research techniques required to advise stakeholders effectively, advocate for small business participation in defense acquisitions, and to educate small businesses to do business with the Department of Defense (DoD). An overview of small business decision-making throughout the acquisition process, contributions of the Small Business Professional, the role of the Small Business Administration, small business enrich and outreach strategies, special programs, subcontracting and small business participation, the source selection evaluation process, and post-award issues will be addressed.

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