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Special Topics in Contract Pricing Credential


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Cost & Price Analyst


Functional Area

Is Credential
CCON 010

In this credential, students will learn about special topics in contract pricing, specifically the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and the Overhead Should Cost Review process. In the three part CAS content, students will receive instruction in the various aspects of Public Law 100-679, including the Cost Accounting Standards, rules and regulations of the CAS Board, Disclosure Statements, cost accounting practice changes and cost impact statements. Through the CAS techniques for application and the fundamental requirements of standards, students will solve problems and gain a working familiarity with DoD guidance relating to the implementation of CAS requirements and administration of contract cost adjustments. In the Overhead Should Cost course, learners will become familiar with the skills required to conduct reviews that aim to promote both short and long-range improvements in a contractor’s economy and efficiency to reduce the cost of performing Government contracts.

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