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International Acquisition/Security Cooperation Program Management


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International and Foreign Military Sales Contracting



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INT 2110

This Online Training (OLT) International Acquisition/Security Cooperation Management course provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of DoD International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) and DoD Security Cooperation concepts throughout the acquisition life-cycle by introducing them to higher level IA&E best practices that have been used by DoD Program Management Office (PMO) and Integrated Product Team (IPT) organizations to improve acquisition outcomes and contribute to the accomplishment of DoD and U.S. Government Security Cooperation objectives. The course begins with an IA&E/Security Cooperation knowledge refresher. The second module explores five acquisition life-cycle scenarios -- development and early production; mature production; non-program of record sale; and out-of-production system support, plus an historical example -- where students are provided with the opportunity to apply their IA&E knowledge to address various challenges and opportunities. The third module focuses on three IA&E best practice areas -- the PMO's role in IA&E efforts; working with industry on IA&E matters; and program-specific international business planning concepts -- that provide students with key IA&E decision frameworks and planning tools that are essential in achieving optimal IA&E outcomes at the PMO level.