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International Acquisition/Security Cooperation Foundation


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International and Foreign Military Sales Contracting



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INT 1110

This Online Training (OLT) course, International Acquisition/Security Cooperation Foundation provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in applying U.S. Government (USG) and DoD International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) and DoD Security Cooperation concepts and policies used to establish various types of DoD international acquisition transactions throughout the acquisition lifecycle. The course begins with an overview of USG and DoD IA&E objectives, scope, and overarching policies at the national level. The second module describes the DoD framework used to plan and analyze program-level IA&E considerations: IA&E Planning & Analysis; International Cooperative Programs (ICPs); Defense Sales & Transfers; Defense Exportability; Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure; and International Contracting. The third module focuses on USG/DoD international acquisition program forms used to establish DoD international transactions including: ICPs, Foreign Military Sales (FMS); Defense Commercial Sales (DCS), Building Partner Capacity; and Hybrid DCS/FMS and ICP/FMS arrangements. The course concludes with a final module that explores how DoD’s IA&E framework and USG/DoD international acquisition forms are used in various program-level scenarios to formulate and implement international transactions to achieve optimal IA&E outcomes that further U.S. national interests.