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CACQ 005, Foundational Earned Value Management Credential


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CACQ 005, Foundational Earned Value Management Credential is now deployed in CSOD Production!


The Foundational EVM Credential is designed for "non-EVM" acquisition professionals at large using plain English to provide the top-level benefit of and insight into the application of EVM as an integrated program management tool. The Credential is comprised of four sets of micro-videos covering the topics of Understanding EVM Basics, Placing EVM on Contract, Conducting an IBR, and Reading a Program Schedule.

EVM as an IPM tool is best utilized when PMO IPT members add this to their tool box to manage their functional areas and engage with the CAMs instead of one EVM analyst using the tool.  This Foundational Credential is for all acquisition types interested in the topic. 

Another way to access the core content, outside of the credential, is through the DAU media website.