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Industrial Contract Property Management Credential Deployed


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CIND 001, the Industrial Contract Property Management Credential, was deployed August 27, 2021. This credential will provide fundamental knowledge of the provision, management, surveillance, and disposal of contract Government property for those involved in any of tasks within the life cycle phases of contract Government property as well as those who have a general interest in the topic. CIND 001 consists of the following training courses and a comprehensive final assessment.

  • CLC 011, Contracting for the Rest of Us
  • CON 0510, Managing Government Property in the Possession of Contractors
  • CLM 037, Physical Inventories
  • IND 105V, Contract Property Fundamentals

To learn more or enroll go to https://icatalog.dau.edu/onlinecatalog/CredentialConceptCard.aspx?crs_id=21 or visit the DAU Credentials page at https://www.dau.edu/training/pages/credentials.aspx.