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DoD Explosive Safety Regulations

Defense Explosives Safety Regulation (DESR) 6055.09, Edition 1, Change 1, dated 24 February 2024

DDESB TP-15 Approved Protective Construction, Revision 4, July 2020 

DDESB TP 18 Minimum Qualifications for Personnel Conducting Munitions and Explosives of Concern-Related Activities REV 1

DDESB TP 23 Assessing Explosives Safety Risks, Deviations, And Consequences

DDESB TP-26 Guidance for Required Explosives Safety Submissions

DDESB TB 27 Explosives Safety Training


DOD 4145.26-M DOD Contractor's Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives

DoDD 6055.09E, Explosives Safety Management (ESM)


TB 700-2 DOD A&E Hazard Classification Procedures